Story of Slavery, Women in the War

Mary Blackford – Advocate for Colonization

Many like to think that the Civil War was a strict divide of north and south. Those in the north believed in the power of the Union and that slavery was morally wrong. Those in the south believed in minimal government interference in state matters and endorsed slavery. However, the truth is far more complex… Continue reading Mary Blackford – Advocate for Colonization

Women in the War

Jane Howison Beale – A Widow of Fredericksburg

Something must be said for the resilience of the women who endured the Civil War. Not just the wives of the soldiers in battle, or the nurses who bound up the wounds. Not even for those who donned a uniform and marched alongside the men. I mean the women who had little to no stake… Continue reading Jane Howison Beale – A Widow of Fredericksburg