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Visiting Spotsy

In a previous blog post pertaining to traveling to battlefields, I stressed the point to always, ALWAYS do your research before going so you won’t inadvertently miss any important or interesting spots in the park. Well, I didn’t take my own advice last year when trekking through the Overland Campaign battlefields. I missed quite a… Continue reading Visiting Spotsy

Battles in the East

“Sheer Madness” – Spotsylvania, May 10th, 1864

The Army of the Potomac and the Army of Northern Virginia were stuck again at Spotsylvania Court House, with the Confederates maintaining the high ground at Laurel Hill as they had over the last two days, and the Federals under Ulysses Grant desperate to find a weak spot in the graycoat’s defenses. Under the impression… Continue reading “Sheer Madness” – Spotsylvania, May 10th, 1864