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Visiting Spotsy

In a previous blog post pertaining to traveling to battlefields, I stressed the point to always, ALWAYS do your research before going so you won’t inadvertently miss any important or interesting spots in the park. Well, I didn’t take my own advice last year when trekking through the Overland Campaign battlefields. I missed quite a… Continue reading Visiting Spotsy

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Visiting The Wilderness

The battle of the Wilderness in May of 1864 was shaped by the terrain, which is why visiting the location itself is so important. The park itself doesn’t have an official Visitor Center like most. Your first stop can be at one of two places, either Ellwood, owned by the Lacey’s during the battle and… Continue reading Visiting The Wilderness

Traveling Tidbits

Butch Cassidy’s Cafe – Wild West Burger Bar

I didn’t expect this little hold-in-the-wall, midtown diner to be as impressive as it truly was. The exterior didn’t scream, “I have the best burgers in Mobile”, but I fell for the oldest trick. Never judge a book – or restaurant – by its cover. Butch Cassidy’s Café pulled me in first with its name… Continue reading Butch Cassidy’s Cafe – Wild West Burger Bar

Traveling Tidbits

“Seize Your Coffee!” – Carpe Diem Coffee & Tea Company

Quite possibly my favorite coffee place in Mobile is a must on your trip itinerary. Carpe Diem Coffee & Tea Company may not be a historic landmark, but the building itself has a vintage and relaxed vibe that makes one feel as if they had just come home. The exterior is reminiscent of late Victorian… Continue reading “Seize Your Coffee!” – Carpe Diem Coffee & Tea Company

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Iron Hand Brewery – DeTonti Historic District’s Pub

Someone once said to me that after a trip to a battlefield, one should always try to visit a winery or brewery right afterward. I’m not entirely sure why, but it seems to be a theme amongst historians to search out great places to eat and grab a beer after a conference, symposium, or battlefield… Continue reading Iron Hand Brewery – DeTonti Historic District’s Pub

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Richards DAR House – Home of a Mobile Captain

Not far from Downtown Mobile lies another hidden treasure. On a quiet street sits a narrow, two story brick home that might look like any other in the De Tonti Square District if it weren’t for the intricate lace ironwork column and baluster designs. Like the plantation homes with their towering pillars and opulent architecture,… Continue reading Richards DAR House – Home of a Mobile Captain

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Best Oysters in Mobile – Wintzell’s Oyster House

When you’ve had your fill of Oakleigh and its gorgeous grounds, just a few turns around the corner is another historic Mobile spot you won’t want to skip on. Founded in 1938, Wintzell's Oyster House began as a six-stool oyster bar in Mobile, Alabama. J. Oliver Wintzell founded the first of six locations on Dauphin… Continue reading Best Oysters in Mobile – Wintzell’s Oyster House

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Virginia and its Battlefields

For those who don’t live in Virginia, or those who don’t live in densely populated areas of any state, I’d like to clear something up that no one really explained to me when I first started this journey into Civil War history. As we explore battles within Virginia, please keep in mind that the majority… Continue reading Virginia and its Battlefields

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Tim’s II on the Potomac

There are a multitude of places to eat in Fredericksburg. One in the historic district even pays homage to John Washington by hanging a portrait of him in the dining hall (FoodE on Princess Anne Street). But if you’re looking for an obscure, local dine-in experience with a light dose of historical context, I’d recommend… Continue reading Tim’s II on the Potomac

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Tips from the Traveler

I thought I’d take a break from research for a moment to impart some of the wisdom I have earned over the last six months when it comes to traveling to these battlefields. When I started to plan my first big Civil War expedition, I was going to Virginia and I thought I was pretty… Continue reading Tips from the Traveler