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Piccadilly’s in Winchester

Winchester is not lacking in excellent dining venues, which can make it hard to pick a place for lunch or dinner after a day of touring historic sites. I wish I could say that I’ve been to every restaurant, pub, and casual eatery in the city and can direct you to the absolutely perfect place… Continue reading Piccadilly’s in Winchester


Some Exciting Announcements!

A couple of announcements! This month marks the end of 4 school sessions at American Public University. Each session is two months long, and in that time I’ve passed 6 classes. Some of the preliminary courses are officially out of the way and I’ll be beginning more “fun” topics within the coming year. I made… Continue reading Some Exciting Announcements!

Traveling Tidbits

Dining At Oak Alley

While you’re at Oak Alley, enjoying the history and beauty of the estate, be sure to make time for a meal at the Oak Alley Restaurant. Past the slave quarter exhibit is an iron fence, separating the estate from the rest of the compound. Beyond there are a set of buildings. On the left hand… Continue reading Dining At Oak Alley

Traveling Tidbits

Ironclad Coffee – A Cozy Richmond Cafe

In the heart of the Shockoe Bottom district, on a quiet sector of East Grace Street, sits your next favorite coffee destination in Richmond, Virginia. Ironclad Coffee was established in 2015 with a wealth of knowledge in the art of brewing a great cup of coffee. Ryan O’Rourke is the pioneer of this noble endeavor… Continue reading Ironclad Coffee – A Cozy Richmond Cafe

Traveling Tidbits

Siné Irish Pub in Richmond – “This Is It!”

There are probably hundreds of places to eat in Richmond. Like New Orleans, New York, or Atlanta, you can find just about any genre of food somewhere in this big city. And while this post is a day late for Saint Patrick’s Day, let me tell you about a neat little place where you can… Continue reading Siné Irish Pub in Richmond – “This Is It!”

Traveling Tidbits

Visiting The Wilderness

The battle of the Wilderness in May of 1864 was shaped by the terrain, which is why visiting the location itself is so important. The park itself doesn’t have an official Visitor Center like most. Your first stop can be at one of two places, either Ellwood, owned by the Lacey’s during the battle and… Continue reading Visiting The Wilderness

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Marching Back Into Virginia…

As we transition from March into April, so do we enter a Virginia Battlefield series here on the blog. In February, we presented the battle of Chancellorsville, where “Fighting Joe” Hooker acted slightly contrary to his nickname and the Confederacy lost one of its most prized generals, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. After the Union army pulled… Continue reading Marching Back Into Virginia…

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Bellingrath – A Piece of Heaven in Mobile

To wrap up the Mobile Mansion Series, I’m going to give you one last gorgeous historic home to visit while you’re still hanging around the city. It’s a bit of a drive to get to and it doesn’t have much of a Civil War legacy to it, but it’s worth visiting nonetheless. Bellingrath wasn’t always… Continue reading Bellingrath – A Piece of Heaven in Mobile

Traveling Tidbits

Pizzeria Delphine – A Piece of Italy in Downtown Mobile

Once you’ve worn out your feet walking up and down the historic streets of Downtown Mobile, it’s about time for a bite to eat. But how can one possibly choose with so many amazing options? It was hard for me to pick one restaurant amongst the dozens that hold their own unique appeal in one… Continue reading Pizzeria Delphine – A Piece of Italy in Downtown Mobile