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Happy Juneteenth/Emancipation Day

I’m taking this time out of my busy (and currently stressful) personal life to wish all my readers a Happy Juneteenth/Emancipation Day, which has its roots in Civil War history. June 19, 1865, is the day most commonly associated with Juneteenth, as it was the day the Union army entered Galveston, Texas and General Gordon… Continue reading Happy Juneteenth/Emancipation Day

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Whitney Plantation – Telling the Story of the Enslaved

I’ve visited many plantations and historic homes in the south. They usually center their tours around the history of the home and the white families who lived in the “Big House”. There’s usually a cursory mention of the slaves, specifically how many were held in bondage to drive home the wealth and prestige of the… Continue reading Whitney Plantation – Telling the Story of the Enslaved