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100 Posts!

Well, we did it! 100 posts! And it only took about a year and some change to do it. I’m extremely grateful to those who have supported me in this endeavor to share my journey and knowledge. What I’ve presented on the blog is just a fraction of all the wonderful, history-rich places I’ve been… Continue reading 100 Posts!

Civil War Living History, Traveling Tidbits

Where To Start – Living History Reenacting

Do you love Civil War history? Clearly you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog! But have you ever wanted to get deeper into the immersion of the era? You can’t lie and say you’ve never been interesting in handling a Springfield rifle or donning a crinoline just for fun. You’ve probably seen or… Continue reading Where To Start – Living History Reenacting

Women in the War

Sanchez Sister Spies – Confederate Patriots in Florida

Florida could be considered diverse ever since its infancy. Claiming statehood in 1821, the region was inhabited by white settlers, natives, and a variety of Hispanic nationalities. With the Spanish having founded the state, it made sense. When one thinks of Floridian Cubans, they might think of places further south like Miami or even Tampa.… Continue reading Sanchez Sister Spies – Confederate Patriots in Florida

Gab About Generals

Alfred Colquitt – Lawyer, Politician, Soldier

When one looks at the roster of Civil War generals and soldiers alike, there’s a fair amount of war veterans or West Point graduates. However, what I find the most interesting are the soldiers who work up through the ranks with little or absolutely no battle experience prior to the start of the war between… Continue reading Alfred Colquitt – Lawyer, Politician, Soldier

Traveling Tidbits

Tips from the Traveler

I thought I’d take a break from research for a moment to impart some of the wisdom I have earned over the last six months when it comes to traveling to these battlefields. When I started to plan my first big Civil War expedition, I was going to Virginia and I thought I was pretty… Continue reading Tips from the Traveler

Battles in the East

Olustee: Florida Plays its Part

When I started my big research into the Civil War, I had never heard anything about Florida, my current resident state. I took for granted the lack of obvious materials I found, so I just assumed nothing happened in Florida of any significance besides maybe some forts being taken. Well, I was wrong. Especially once… Continue reading Olustee: Florida Plays its Part

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Angel Glow at Shiloh

In researching for my most recent blogs regarding the experiences of soldiers at the Battle of Shiloh, an article continued to pop up that had me tilting my head. The headlines read “Angel’s Glow” and “Glowing Wounds at Shiloh”. At the time, I couldn’t stop to read through the mass of information about glowing bacteria,… Continue reading Angel Glow at Shiloh

Gab About Generals, Portraits of Privates

Lay of the Land – Battlefield Terrain

The Civil War was fought in over 1,000 locations across the country. The big ones that almost everyone knows are Gettysburg, Antietam, Shiloh, Vicksburg, etc. But the war was also fought in smaller places like Olustee in Florida, or Glorieta Pass way out in New Mexico. No matter where the armies moved or where the… Continue reading Lay of the Land – Battlefield Terrain

Battles in the West

Shiloh, 1862: A Rude Awakening

The battle around Shiloh Chapel in southern Tennessee was considered to be something like the first big, major battle of the Civil War. By early 1862, there have been plenty of battles and engagements across both fronts, but the casualties and the significance of Shiloh rocked both sides of the war. With staggering numbers of… Continue reading Shiloh, 1862: A Rude Awakening