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Marching Back Into Virginia…

As we transition from March into April, so do we enter a Virginia Battlefield series here on the blog. In February, we presented the battle of Chancellorsville, where “Fighting Joe” Hooker acted slightly contrary to his nickname and the Confederacy lost one of its most prized generals, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. After the Union army pulled… Continue reading Marching Back Into Virginia…

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“The Last Meeting” – Jackson and Lee Immortalized in Art

Perhaps one of the most famous paintings of Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson is one that is about 50% historically inaccurate, but 100% inspiring to most historians and Southerners. Of course, I’m referring to the masterpiece titled “The Last Meeting of Lee and Jackson”. Painted by Everett B. D. Julio in 1869, it was originally titled “The… Continue reading “The Last Meeting” – Jackson and Lee Immortalized in Art

Battles in the East

“Here we go again” – Second Manassas, 1862

Thirteen months after the first major engagement of the Civil War, the Union and Confederate armies are converging upon the same point of interest. By now, many of the troops are seasoned veterans. Commanders are earning reputations for themselves (good and bad) and volunteers are learning what it means to be a soldier. Players John… Continue reading “Here we go again” – Second Manassas, 1862