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Chalmette Battlefield – Nexus of Wars

Those who know their Civil War history, will know that New Orleans was barely fought over in 1862. The city was practically handed over to the Federal Army. The same can’t be said for a battle that occurred just outside of New Orleans earlier in the century. Made infamous by a terribly inaccurate song by… Continue reading Chalmette Battlefield – Nexus of Wars

Battles in the East

Mayhem At Manassas

Civilians and soldiers on both sides of the war thought the conflict would be swift and decisive. The southerners, fueled by their convictions and need for independence, was equally matched by the northerner’s enthusiasm to preserve the Union and future of their nation. Yankees believed they could whip the uncultured farm boys, while the Rebs… Continue reading Mayhem At Manassas

Battles in the West

Shiloh, 1862: A Rude Awakening

The battle around Shiloh Chapel in southern Tennessee was considered to be something like the first big, major battle of the Civil War. By early 1862, there have been plenty of battles and engagements across both fronts, but the casualties and the significance of Shiloh rocked both sides of the war. With staggering numbers of… Continue reading Shiloh, 1862: A Rude Awakening