Battles in the East

“Saturnalia of Blood” – May 12th, 1864, Spotsylvania

The morning of May 12th, 1864 at Spotsylvania Court House had begun with such promise. An early dawn attack upon the Army of Northern Virginia works that composed what was dubbed the “Mule Shoe” looked to be succeeding. By the end of the day, it would bear another name that echoes through the horrors of… Continue reading “Saturnalia of Blood” – May 12th, 1864, Spotsylvania

Battles in the East

Todd’s Tavern Trouble – May 7th, 1864

The first roadblock on the road to Spotsylvania was Todd’s Tavern. Another important intersection just five miles south of the Union line, Todd’s Tavern lay at the crossroads of Brock Road (north-south) and Catharpin Road (east-west). Ulysses Grant ordered Phillip Sheridan and his cavalry to clear Brock Road of all Confederates. Here’s where the trouble… Continue reading Todd’s Tavern Trouble – May 7th, 1864

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Wilderness Recap (Links)

It occurred to me that I wrote a LOT of posts about the Wilderness in this last blog series and they were a bit scattered between non-Wilderness posts. So, for the convenience of future readers, here are the links to each of these posts so you'll be able to find them in some reasonable order.… Continue reading Wilderness Recap (Links)

Battles in the East

Moving Out of the Wilderness

Almost nothing had been going right for Ulysses Grant in the Wilderness. His usual style of giving general orders and letting his subordinates fill in the details was not serving him well. Ambrose Burnside, acting in independent command with his IX Corps, dropped the ball and arrived too late to do any real damage as… Continue reading Moving Out of the Wilderness

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Marching Back Into Virginia…

As we transition from March into April, so do we enter a Virginia Battlefield series here on the blog. In February, we presented the battle of Chancellorsville, where “Fighting Joe” Hooker acted slightly contrary to his nickname and the Confederacy lost one of its most prized generals, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. After the Union army pulled… Continue reading Marching Back Into Virginia…