Women in the War

Delity Powell Kelly – More From a Child of the Confederacy

Some who follow both my blog and the Emerging Civil War Blog may be familiar with my first guest post, back in 2020, which discussed the life and war experiences of Delity Powell Kelly, a child who followed her father's artillery company at the young age of 10. For those who haven’t read about her,… Continue reading Delity Powell Kelly – More From a Child of the Confederacy

Gab About Generals

Alfred Colquitt – Lawyer, Politician, Soldier

When one looks at the roster of Civil War generals and soldiers alike, there’s a fair amount of war veterans or West Point graduates. However, what I find the most interesting are the soldiers who work up through the ranks with little or absolutely no battle experience prior to the start of the war between… Continue reading Alfred Colquitt – Lawyer, Politician, Soldier

Battles in the East

Olustee: Florida Plays its Part

When I started my big research into the Civil War, I had never heard anything about Florida, my current resident state. I took for granted the lack of obvious materials I found, so I just assumed nothing happened in Florida of any significance besides maybe some forts being taken. Well, I was wrong. Especially once… Continue reading Olustee: Florida Plays its Part