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Hurricane Ida vs. Louisiana Plantations

The south is known for its destructive hurricanes. Few have to be reminded that Louisiana seems to suffer the worst of them. The most recent was Hurricane Ida, a category 4 hurricane that made landfall on August 30, 2021, unleashed 172 mph winds upon southeast Louisiana and caused an overall $95 billion in damage. As… Continue reading Hurricane Ida vs. Louisiana Plantations

Traveling Tidbits

Dining At Oak Alley

While you’re at Oak Alley, enjoying the history and beauty of the estate, be sure to make time for a meal at the Oak Alley Restaurant. Past the slave quarter exhibit is an iron fence, separating the estate from the rest of the compound. Beyond there are a set of buildings. On the left hand… Continue reading Dining At Oak Alley

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A Stroll Down The Allée – Oak Alley Plantation

There are a number of images that go hand-in-hand with anyone’s idea of a antebellum plantation. Some of that has been influenced by movies like Gone With The Wind, others inspired by places that still exist and have been preserved. One of these places boasts a stunning picture of oaks lining a carriage lane up… Continue reading A Stroll Down The Allée – Oak Alley Plantation