Battles in the East

Surprises and Counterattacks – Cedar Creek, October 19, 1861

I typically try to provide short, easy to digest battle blog posts regarding the places I've visited. The last few weeks, however, have been packed with deadlines and personal life adjustments. As a result, I'll be providing a great video that summarizes the activity at Cedar Creek instead of a written summary. This comes from… Continue reading Surprises and Counterattacks – Cedar Creek, October 19, 1861

Civil War Trivia, Traveling Tidbits

Hidden 7th Georgia Marker – Manassas

One of the treats of battlefield exploration is discovering something new – or at least feeling like you’re discovering something new. The summer of 2018 was my genesis into Civil War research. I was writing a novel about a Confederate soldier in the 7th Georgia Infantry. Though the book starts off the evening before the… Continue reading Hidden 7th Georgia Marker – Manassas

Battles in the East

A Tale of Two Forts – Pickens and Barrancas

Two forts, built to guard the same bay, engineered by the same man for the same purpose, but pitted against each other as the tides of the Civil War swept over the city they were bound to protect. If that’s not an accurate metaphor for the magnitude of secession, I don’t know what is. A… Continue reading A Tale of Two Forts – Pickens and Barrancas

Traveling Tidbits

Tips from the Traveler

I thought I’d take a break from research for a moment to impart some of the wisdom I have earned over the last six months when it comes to traveling to these battlefields. When I started to plan my first big Civil War expedition, I was going to Virginia and I thought I was pretty… Continue reading Tips from the Traveler