Book Reviews

Debunking Antebellum Architectural Myths

I was recently allowed to borrow a recommended book from a friend. She thought I would enjoy it, given my interest in antebellum architecture. I’ve visited so many historic homes throughout the south that, after a while, the stories told by the docents and tour guides become somewhat repetitive. Others have ben conflicting and contradictory… Continue reading Debunking Antebellum Architectural Myths

Traveling Tidbits

Pizzeria Delphine – A Piece of Italy in Downtown Mobile

Once you’ve worn out your feet walking up and down the historic streets of Downtown Mobile, it’s about time for a bite to eat. But how can one possibly choose with so many amazing options? It was hard for me to pick one restaurant amongst the dozens that hold their own unique appeal in one… Continue reading Pizzeria Delphine – A Piece of Italy in Downtown Mobile

Traveling Tidbits

Butch Cassidy’s Cafe – Wild West Burger Bar

I didn’t expect this little hold-in-the-wall, midtown diner to be as impressive as it truly was. The exterior didn’t scream, “I have the best burgers in Mobile”, but I fell for the oldest trick. Never judge a book – or restaurant – by its cover. Butch Cassidy’s Café pulled me in first with its name… Continue reading Butch Cassidy’s Cafe – Wild West Burger Bar

Civil War Living History, Traveling Tidbits

Mobile Civil War Roundtable

When planning your trip to Mobile, be sure to plan it around the third Monday of the month. Why? So you can sit in on the Mobile Civil War Roundtable meeting, of course! In a previous post on my blog, I made the error in stating that the nearest Roundtable to me happened to be… Continue reading Mobile Civil War Roundtable