Battles in the East, Portraits of Privates

Hunting Down a Soldier – Part 1

All I had was a name. A name that meant little, but it sparked a search that turned into something obsessive.   When I first began studying the Civil War, I wanted to know what most historians or budding history scholars wanted to know. Do I have any connection to the war? Do I have… Continue reading Hunting Down a Soldier – Part 1

Portraits of Privates

Zouaves: Foreign Elite in America

In some of my other articles, you may have read a word I throw around a bit. Zouaves. Pronounced “Zoo-ah-v-s”. It’s one of those odd, foreign things that one might think is a typo. It’s not. It’s French, and completely correct within its context when I talk about the Civil War. It’s just one of… Continue reading Zouaves: Foreign Elite in America