Portraits of Privates

John Pelham – The “Infernal Gallant Fool”

There are some soldiers and officers in the war that deserve a high-five. Whether for witty comebacks, for outstanding victories, or totally outlandish acts of bravery that somehow turn out all right in the end. John Pelham’s single-gun face-off with the Union army at Fredericksburg is one of those times. Dude had balls. Born on… Continue reading John Pelham – The “Infernal Gallant Fool”

Battles in the East

Fredericksburg – A Crucible of Valor

Within the Civil War era exists a certain preconceived image of how wars were fought and how soldiers behaved. There’s this idea of valiant heroism. Who else would have been brave enough to charge across an open field into a storm of bullets? It was a different time, but the mindset of the soldier –… Continue reading Fredericksburg – A Crucible of Valor