Battles in the East

Gods and Generals at Fredericksburg

In my last post I mentioned the movie Gods and Generals. While there are some historical inaccuracies in the film, which are fun and distressing to explore in themselves, I thought I'd share the "move experience" with you. If you have the time and opportunity to watch the entire film, I recommend it. Gods and… Continue reading Gods and Generals at Fredericksburg

Women in the War

Jane Howison Beale – A Widow of Fredericksburg

Something must be said for the resilience of the women who endured the Civil War. Not just the wives of the soldiers in battle, or the nurses who bound up the wounds. Not even for those who donned a uniform and marched alongside the men. I mean the women who had little to no stake… Continue reading Jane Howison Beale – A Widow of Fredericksburg