Portraits of Privates

The Irish at Fredericksburg

Forgive me for – again – referencing a movie in this blog series, but Gods and Generals drew my attention to one aspect of the battle – and the whole war for that matter. The Irish. In the decades leading up to the Civil War, there was some general animosity felt toward the Irish, as… Continue reading The Irish at Fredericksburg

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Edward Porter Alexander – Artillery at Fredericksburg

Reading about the Civil War can be a bittersweet experience. It’s fascinating and engaging, but can be heavy at times. I mean, reading about the monumental losses, the tragedy, the death tolls, the hardships, it can get pretty depressing pretty quickly. One thing that I enjoy about Shelby Foote’s Civil War Narrative series is that… Continue reading Edward Porter Alexander – Artillery at Fredericksburg

Portraits of Privates

Rhode Island in Fredericksburg

It’s about time we checked in with Elisha Hunt Rhodes of the 2nd Rhode Island Volunteers. Last we left him was at Bull Run Creek where his regiment guarded the rear of the “skedaddling” Union Army. Now promoted to 2nd Lieutenant as of July 24th, 1862, Rhodes has been tried in battle after battle. He… Continue reading Rhode Island in Fredericksburg

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Gods and Generals at Fredericksburg

In my last post I mentioned the movie Gods and Generals. While there are some historical inaccuracies in the film, which are fun and distressing to explore in themselves, I thought I'd share the "move experience" with you. If you have the time and opportunity to watch the entire film, I recommend it. Gods and… Continue reading Gods and Generals at Fredericksburg

Portraits of Privates

Richard Kirkland and the Myth of Maryes Heights

Throughout the Civil War, there are stories that get told over and over again until they take on a life and validity of their own. Some facts may be stretched, exaggerated, or obscured by its constant retelling, but the essence of it remains intact through the decades. The story of The Angel of Maryes Heights… Continue reading Richard Kirkland and the Myth of Maryes Heights

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Light Show Above Fredericksburg

Many people have a “bucket list”. A general bullet-point list of everything they want to do before they die. Some of these points can be pretty poetic like, “Find true love”, or “see my grandchildren graduate college”. Others are generic like “See the Grand Canyon” or “Swim in the English Channel”. One that tends to… Continue reading Light Show Above Fredericksburg

Battles in the East

Fredericksburg – A Crucible of Valor

Within the Civil War era exists a certain preconceived image of how wars were fought and how soldiers behaved. There’s this idea of valiant heroism. Who else would have been brave enough to charge across an open field into a storm of bullets? It was a different time, but the mindset of the soldier –… Continue reading Fredericksburg – A Crucible of Valor