Walton Guards in Civil War Times!

For those who subscribe to Civil War Times (and if you don’t, you should!), check out page 54! I was granted a great opportunity to write for the magazine and chose a topic that hits close to home and close to my heart. Civil War Times, June 2022 issue The company named The Walton Guards… Continue reading Walton Guards in Civil War Times!

Battles in the West, Story of Slavery, Traveling Tidbits

A Visit to Fort Pickens

For this month's Facebook live with the Civil War Roundtable of Central Louisiana, I got the clearance to take a short trip out to Fort Pickens and talk with Ranger Casimer Rosiecki about the fort and some fascinating research regarding freedom seekers in the Pensacola area. Here's a link to the video! https://fb.watch/aX0sPnOgGn/

Battles in the East

A Tale of Two Forts – Pickens and Barrancas

Two forts, built to guard the same bay, engineered by the same man for the same purpose, but pitted against each other as the tides of the Civil War swept over the city they were bound to protect. If that’s not an accurate metaphor for the magnitude of secession, I don’t know what is. A… Continue reading A Tale of Two Forts – Pickens and Barrancas