Battles in the East

Natural Bridge – Florida’s Hidden Gem

The more I dig into the Civil War, the more I find these rare little gems about my own state. It’s incredible what you can find in your own backyard. Like the fact that Tallahassee was the only capitol of the Confederacy not to fall into Union hands. Thanks, largely to the efforts of young… Continue reading Natural Bridge – Florida’s Hidden Gem

Women in the War

Sanchez Sister Spies – Confederate Patriots in Florida

Florida could be considered diverse ever since its infancy. Claiming statehood in 1821, the region was inhabited by white settlers, natives, and a variety of Hispanic nationalities. With the Spanish having founded the state, it made sense. When one thinks of Floridian Cubans, they might think of places further south like Miami or even Tampa.… Continue reading Sanchez Sister Spies – Confederate Patriots in Florida

Battles in the East

Olustee: Florida Plays its Part

When I started my big research into the Civil War, I had never heard anything about Florida, my current resident state. I took for granted the lack of obvious materials I found, so I just assumed nothing happened in Florida of any significance besides maybe some forts being taken. Well, I was wrong. Especially once… Continue reading Olustee: Florida Plays its Part