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A Trip To Andersonville

Back in November, I had the opportunity to take a flying trip to Andersonville National Historic Site near Americus, Georgia for their annual Civil War Day. This wasn't my first trip to the infamous prison camp, but I couldn't resist the chance to see the NPS rangers and other historical reenactors recreating the stockade scene,… Continue reading A Trip To Andersonville

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A Year of Blessings and Wishes Ahead

This past year brought immense progress to my professional and academic journey. The first quarter of the year was crazy. Working at an accounting firm during tax season was not fun whatsoever. However, it made me realize where I truly wanted to be. As I was filing taxes six days a week for dozens of… Continue reading A Year of Blessings and Wishes Ahead


Some Exciting Announcements!

A couple of announcements! This month marks the end of 4 school sessions at American Public University. Each session is two months long, and in that time I’ve passed 6 classes. Some of the preliminary courses are officially out of the way and I’ll be beginning more “fun” topics within the coming year. I made… Continue reading Some Exciting Announcements!

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Civil War Online – Podcasts Worth Binging!

As tax season is now in full swing and my time is limited, my research and immersion in the Civil War studies is also limited. Frustration doesn’t begin to express how I feel about that. However, there is hope! Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many history education organizations and private historians have taken to online… Continue reading Civil War Online – Podcasts Worth Binging!

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Preserving Myers Hill – ECW Video

Okay, I share a LOT of Emerging Civil War content, and the reason is because I can't recommend their blog or their author enough! Everyone on the ECW team are amazing, knowledgeable, and passionate about what they do. Because many of the members live in Virginia, they have the great opportunity to visit and help… Continue reading Preserving Myers Hill – ECW Video

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Standing at the Crossroads

While I have not been privileged in exploring every aspect of the Chancellorsville battlefield (just the visitor center so far) some wonderful historians have and aren't shy about sharing their knowledge. I follow one such historian on the Emerging Civil War Blog, Chris Mackowski. Below are some brief videos shot and uploaded in May of… Continue reading Standing at the Crossroads