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Eat Like a Brit at Union Jack in Winchester, VA

Across from the Shenandoah Valley Civil War Museum (which served as a prison during the War and the old Winchester Courthouse) is another semi-historic venue. But this one you can eat in. Union Jack Pub & Restaurant has restored the old Union Bank building in Old Town Winchester (North Loudon Street) to its original 1878… Continue reading Eat Like a Brit at Union Jack in Winchester, VA

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Coffee at Jackson’s Corner, New Market

Looking for a cozy spot for coffee or a light snack in New Market? Look no further than Jackson’s Corner Coffee Roasters & Café. Situated in the historic Strayer House in the heart of historic New Market, Jackson’s Corner offers a modern café experience while sharing a little bit of history at the same time.… Continue reading Coffee at Jackson’s Corner, New Market

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A True Hometown Southern Kitchen

The town of New Market is well worth the time to explore. Not only are there quaint shops and a few museums to stroll through, but plenty of restaurants to satisfy one’s appetite. Southern Kitchen Restaurant was founded in 1955 and remains family-owned, serving up their wholesome country fixin’s to historic New Market. Open seven… Continue reading A True Hometown Southern Kitchen

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BBQ at Cedar Creek – Shaffer’s

Shaffer's BBQ and Market isn't much to look at from the outside, but a colleague promised that looks are deceiving, and that I should give them a try. The infamy of Shaffer’s dates back to the 1950s and 60s when the current owner’s grandfather (John) toured Virginia with his original food trailer, The Chicken Palace,… Continue reading BBQ at Cedar Creek – Shaffer’s

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Nancy’s Coffee – A Strasburg Community Star

While you’re in the vicinity of Fisher’s Hill, take some time to stroll through Strasburg. The downtown historic district has much to offer with little shops and restaurants, as well as the Strasburg Museum housed in an old railroad depot along East King Street. One establishment you’ll want to stop in, is Nancy’s Coffee. This… Continue reading Nancy’s Coffee – A Strasburg Community Star

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Piccadilly’s in Winchester

Winchester is not lacking in excellent dining venues, which can make it hard to pick a place for lunch or dinner after a day of touring historic sites. I wish I could say that I’ve been to every restaurant, pub, and casual eatery in the city and can direct you to the absolutely perfect place… Continue reading Piccadilly’s in Winchester


Some Exciting Announcements!

A couple of announcements! This month marks the end of 4 school sessions at American Public University. Each session is two months long, and in that time I’ve passed 6 classes. Some of the preliminary courses are officially out of the way and I’ll be beginning more “fun” topics within the coming year. I made… Continue reading Some Exciting Announcements!

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Dining At Oak Alley

While you’re at Oak Alley, enjoying the history and beauty of the estate, be sure to make time for a meal at the Oak Alley Restaurant. Past the slave quarter exhibit is an iron fence, separating the estate from the rest of the compound. Beyond there are a set of buildings. On the left hand… Continue reading Dining At Oak Alley

Battles in the East, Traveling Tidbits

Harpers Ferry – Confluence At War (Part 2)

For a summary of events in Harpers Ferry 1860 – September 1862, see HERE The landscape of Harpers Ferry was so drastically changed since pre-war times. According to Charles E. Phelps of the 7th Maryland Infantry, “Churches have become hospitals; gardens and pleasure grounds – graveyards; private residences, barracks and stables. Most of the inhabitants… Continue reading Harpers Ferry – Confluence At War (Part 2)

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The Coffee Mill – Eating Inside Harper’s Ferry

Just down the road from Harper’s Ferry National Park, there’s no lack of eatery places one can stop in to grab a quick bite to eat during their tour through the historic village. The Coffee Mill is one example. Coffee Mill, Harper's Ferry, WV (author photo, Aug 2019) There’s not much information available about The… Continue reading The Coffee Mill – Eating Inside Harper’s Ferry