Portraits of Privates

A Thanksgiving Letter Home

The below letter was written by Charles Clarence Miller (1843-1912), Gates, Monroe county, New York. In the 1860 US Census, 16 year-old Charles was enumerated in his parents household in Gates where he attended school and worked as a farm laborer. 140th NY depicted at Saunders Field In August 1862, he enlisted with Company D… Continue reading A Thanksgiving Letter Home

Civil War Trivia

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all in the states, a Happy Thanksgiving! For everyone else, Happy Thursday! So what can I say about Thanksgiving in the Civil War? Well, it's Lincoln's fault. Before you seize in shock and outrage, I'll explain. It's also Jefferson Davis' fault. By November of 1861, the country has been thrown into a Civil War… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!