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Bragg-Mitchell Mansion – A Survivor of the War

The more I research the Civil War, the more I begin to recognize influence in everyday things. Street names, businesses, etc. So, when I saw “Bragg-Mitchell House” as an attraction and wedding venue in Mobile, Alabama, you must guess what my first thoughts were. I knew this place had to have some connection to the… Continue reading Bragg-Mitchell Mansion – A Survivor of the War

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Mobile Civil War Roundtable

When planning your trip to Mobile, be sure to plan it around the third Monday of the month. Why? So you can sit in on the Mobile Civil War Roundtable meeting, of course! In a previous post on my blog, I made the error in stating that the nearest Roundtable to me happened to be… Continue reading Mobile Civil War Roundtable


Mobile Mansions – Intro to March Series

The blog is going to take a quick break from battles and focus on one of my favorite parts of my Civil War traveling. Mansions! I love touring through these old homes that are just dripping with history. I hear the stories of the families, see the artifacts from their stay in the home, and… Continue reading Mobile Mansions – Intro to March Series