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The Dash Between the Dates

Writers say the best ideas come late at night when they’re trying to go to sleep. That’s true, and mine sometimes come right as I’m trying to wake up. On the edge of sleep one morning, wondering if I should snooze for another ten minutes (always a dangerous thing), a random thought came to mind.… Continue reading The Dash Between the Dates

Traveling Tidbits

Happy Civil War Trails!

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know that the world has changed a heck of a lot over the last eight or so months. With Covid still not under control, the travel and tourism industries have taken a major hit. While traveling is still happening, it’s not on the same scale… Continue reading Happy Civil War Trails!

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Civil War Round Tables

As a lot of Civil War history buffs will know, the beginning of this month heralded in a slew of talks, podcasts, and tours to mark the anniversary of the battle at Gettysburg. It’s the one battle that almost everyone with a basic knowledge of history would recognize. A few of the videos and articles… Continue reading Civil War Round Tables

Gab About Generals

Irvin McDowell – A Reluctant General

At the time of the Civil War, Irvin McDowell’s family was loaded with military and political connections. His cousin-in-law was the famed John Buford who played a role in the battle at Gettysburg, and his younger brother, John Adair McDowell, also joined the army but did not achieve the same level of renown as the… Continue reading Irvin McDowell – A Reluctant General

Civil War Living History, Portraits of Privates

Civil War Photo Sleuth

I wanted to share about an amazing new organization called Civil War Photo Sleuth. They're mission is to bridge the gaps between families and soldiers, attaching names with faces that have been all but lost to time. There are tons of photos of Civil War soldiers out there in the form of tintypes and period… Continue reading Civil War Photo Sleuth

Gab About Generals, Portraits of Privates

A Bird’s Eye View of Bull Run

A book recently came into my possession that was suggested on a Civil War podcast station. They said that “Fighting for the Confederacy” by Edward Porter Alexander was a great companion text for any Civil War enthusiast who wanted to get an officer’s view of battles in Virginia. I expected it to be something similar… Continue reading A Bird’s Eye View of Bull Run

Civil War Trivia, Portraits of Privates

Civil War and Memorial Day

The definition of memorial is stated as “something, especially a structure, established to remind people of a person or event. Intended to commemorate someone or something.” Most often, this is put within the context of remembering someone who has died or something that was destroyed. It can be a headstone, a plaque, a cross on… Continue reading Civil War and Memorial Day

Battles in the East

Mayhem At Manassas

Civilians and soldiers on both sides of the war thought the conflict would be swift and decisive. The southerners, fueled by their convictions and need for independence, was equally matched by the northerner’s enthusiasm to preserve the Union and future of their nation. Yankees believed they could whip the uncultured farm boys, while the Rebs… Continue reading Mayhem At Manassas

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Songs of the Civil War

Just as in our modern culture, music shaped the daily lives of those who endured the hardships of the Civil War. And I’m not talking about the classical bits that would carry over from the previous century. I mean songs written just before and during the war. There are hundreds of songs, maybe even thousands,… Continue reading Songs of the Civil War

Battles in the East

A Tale of Two Forts – Pickens and Barrancas

Two forts, built to guard the same bay, engineered by the same man for the same purpose, but pitted against each other as the tides of the Civil War swept over the city they were bound to protect. If that’s not an accurate metaphor for the magnitude of secession, I don’t know what is. A… Continue reading A Tale of Two Forts – Pickens and Barrancas