Battles in the East

Preserving Myers Hill – ECW Video

Okay, I share a LOT of Emerging Civil War content, and the reason is because I can't recommend their blog or their author enough! Everyone on the ECW team are amazing, knowledgeable, and passionate about what they do. Because many of the members live in Virginia, they have the great opportunity to visit and help… Continue reading Preserving Myers Hill – ECW Video

Battles in the East, Traveling Tidbits

Visiting Spotsy

In a previous blog post pertaining to traveling to battlefields, I stressed the point to always, ALWAYS do your research before going so you won’t inadvertently miss any important or interesting spots in the park. Well, I didn’t take my own advice last year when trekking through the Overland Campaign battlefields. I missed quite a… Continue reading Visiting Spotsy

Battles in the East

“A Battle of Invisibles” – Saunders Field – May 5th, 1864

On the morning of May 5th 1864, as the rear guard of Gouverneur Warren’s V Corps led by Charles Griffin’s division were ready to move further south to follow the rest of the army, Confederates were seen funneling down the Orange Turnpike and slipping to either side to form their battle lines. When word reached… Continue reading “A Battle of Invisibles” – Saunders Field – May 5th, 1864