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Debunking Antebellum Architectural Myths

I was recently allowed to borrow a recommended book from a friend. She thought I would enjoy it, given my interest in antebellum architecture. I’ve visited so many historic homes throughout the south that, after a while, the stories told by the docents and tour guides become somewhat repetitive. Others have ben conflicting and contradictory… Continue reading Debunking Antebellum Architectural Myths

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Ellwood Manor – Connections in the Wilderness

There’s a saying that every human being on the planet is connected by just six degrees of separation. Nowhere is this more exemplified than in the case of Ellwood Manor, nestled in the heart of the Wilderness. The legacy begins with two brothers. William and Churchill Jones were the sons of Churchill Jones and Millicent… Continue reading Ellwood Manor – Connections in the Wilderness

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Bragg-Mitchell Mansion – A Survivor of the War

The more I research the Civil War, the more I begin to recognize influence in everyday things. Street names, businesses, etc. So, when I saw “Bragg-Mitchell House” as an attraction and wedding venue in Mobile, Alabama, you must guess what my first thoughts were. I knew this place had to have some connection to the… Continue reading Bragg-Mitchell Mansion – A Survivor of the War