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A Trip To Andersonville

Back in November, I had the opportunity to take a flying trip to Andersonville National Historic Site near Americus, Georgia for their annual Civil War Day. This wasn't my first trip to the infamous prison camp, but I couldn't resist the chance to see the NPS rangers and other historical reenactors recreating the stockade scene,… Continue reading A Trip To Andersonville

Portraits of Privates

A Prisoner of the Wilderness – Laforest Hinton

One of several fates may befall a soldier in combat. They can come out unscathed, become wounded and taken to their own corps’ field hospital, or they can die on the battlefield. One more fate, perhaps even more terrifying than these, is to be wounded and then captured by the enemy. This was the fate… Continue reading A Prisoner of the Wilderness – Laforest Hinton