Battles in the East

Spotsylvania Recap (Links)

As the month nears its close, so does this series on the Battle of Spotsylvania. Here are a list of the posts that comprised the series, in case you missed any. Todd's TavernLaurel HillA Soldier at Laurel Hill"Infernal Engines of War" - Spotsy May 9th"Sheer Madness" - Spotsy, May 10th"More Than Human Flesh Could Stand"… Continue reading Spotsylvania Recap (Links)

Battles in the East, Story of Slavery

A Moment To Prove Themselves – USCT At Spotsylvania

On May 15th, 1864, Confederate General Robert E. Lee was stumped by the movements of Union General Ulysses S. Grant. After horrendous fighting around the Mule Shoe (Bloody Angle) at Spotsylvania Courthouse, and some heavy fighting around Myers Hill, the Federal army needed a new plan. The new offensive would be made toward the southern… Continue reading A Moment To Prove Themselves – USCT At Spotsylvania