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A Stroll Down The Allée – Oak Alley Plantation

There are a number of images that go hand-in-hand with anyone’s idea of a antebellum plantation. Some of that has been influenced by movies like Gone With The Wind, others inspired by places that still exist and have been preserved. One of these places boasts a stunning picture of oaks lining a carriage lane up… Continue reading A Stroll Down The Allée – Oak Alley Plantation

Story of Slavery, Traveling Tidbits

Whitney Plantation – Telling the Story of the Enslaved

I’ve visited many plantations and historic homes in the south. They usually center their tours around the history of the home and the white families who lived in the “Big House”. There’s usually a cursory mention of the slaves, specifically how many were held in bondage to drive home the wealth and prestige of the… Continue reading Whitney Plantation – Telling the Story of the Enslaved

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Book Review – The Secrets of Mary Bowser

The novel, The Secrets of Mary Bowser, while not historically accurate on many accounts, is a thrilling and incendiary (in a good way) story of a black woman Union spy in Richmond, Virginia. This book has it all and then some, when it comes to highlighting the racial prejudices and injustices that the black populations… Continue reading Book Review – The Secrets of Mary Bowser

Story of Slavery

Which Was Worse?

(Disclaimer: These are my thoughts, backed up by my studies and observations of the Civil War and its ramifications) "The Vacant Chair" - representative of the lost soldier A conversation came up in my presence that made me both incensed and thoughtful. The general premise of the discussion dealt with the notion that it would… Continue reading Which Was Worse?

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A Moment To Prove Themselves – USCT At Spotsylvania

On May 15th, 1864, Confederate General Robert E. Lee was stumped by the movements of Union General Ulysses S. Grant. After horrendous fighting around the Mule Shoe (Bloody Angle) at Spotsylvania Courthouse, and some heavy fighting around Myers Hill, the Federal army needed a new plan. The new offensive would be made toward the southern… Continue reading A Moment To Prove Themselves – USCT At Spotsylvania

Story of Slavery

Colored Troops in the Wilderness

Although none of the USCT (US Colored Troops) were ordered into battle at the start of the Overland Campaign, they were still present in the Wilderness. This video tells the story of two formerly enslaves USCT soldiers who were present in early Mary of 1864, helping to guard the supplies in the rear.

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A Black Woman’s Civil War Memoir – Susie King Taylor

I’m a little late to the party for Black History Month, but better late than never. I had seen this picture many times before in my travels and studies of the Civil War, but it wasn’t until recently that I became aware of this woman’s story and struggle. Susie King Taylor, born Susie Ann Baker… Continue reading A Black Woman’s Civil War Memoir – Susie King Taylor

Story of Slavery

John Washington – “Memorys” of a Slave

It’s rare to come across a first-hand slave account from an individual who lived through the emancipation. There are the famous ones, like Frederick Douglass. One that’s less known and more recently discovered belongs to a man who was born in Fredericksburg. He not only lived to see “the year of jubilee” but endured the… Continue reading John Washington – “Memorys” of a Slave

Story of Slavery, Women in the War

Mary Blackford – Advocate for Colonization

Many like to think that the Civil War was a strict divide of north and south. Those in the north believed in the power of the Union and that slavery was morally wrong. Those in the south believed in minimal government interference in state matters and endorsed slavery. However, the truth is far more complex… Continue reading Mary Blackford – Advocate for Colonization

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Songs of the Civil War

Just as in our modern culture, music shaped the daily lives of those who endured the hardships of the Civil War. And I’m not talking about the classical bits that would carry over from the previous century. I mean songs written just before and during the war. There are hundreds of songs, maybe even thousands,… Continue reading Songs of the Civil War