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A Trip To Andersonville

Back in November, I had the opportunity to take a flying trip to Andersonville National Historic Site near Americus, Georgia for their annual Civil War Day. This wasn't my first trip to the infamous prison camp, but I couldn't resist the chance to see the NPS rangers and other historical reenactors recreating the stockade scene,… Continue reading A Trip To Andersonville

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Civil War Soldier Shelters

In movies set in the Civil War, you can bet that a camp scene will show up somewhere in it. It might be early in the morning just as a hazy, blue dawn is creeping its way across the sky, or in the evening when men huddled around campfires and talked low about their fears… Continue reading Civil War Soldier Shelters

Civil War Living History, Traveling Tidbits

Mobile Civil War Roundtable

When planning your trip to Mobile, be sure to plan it around the third Monday of the month. Why? So you can sit in on the Mobile Civil War Roundtable meeting, of course! In a previous post on my blog, I made the error in stating that the nearest Roundtable to me happened to be… Continue reading Mobile Civil War Roundtable

Civil War Living History, Traveling Tidbits

Civil War Round Tables

As a lot of Civil War history buffs will know, the beginning of this month heralded in a slew of talks, podcasts, and tours to mark the anniversary of the battle at Gettysburg. It’s the one battle that almost everyone with a basic knowledge of history would recognize. A few of the videos and articles… Continue reading Civil War Round Tables

Civil War Living History, Portraits of Privates

Civil War Photo Sleuth

I wanted to share about an amazing new organization called Civil War Photo Sleuth. They're mission is to bridge the gaps between families and soldiers, attaching names with faces that have been all but lost to time. There are tons of photos of Civil War soldiers out there in the form of tintypes and period… Continue reading Civil War Photo Sleuth

Civil War Living History, Traveling Tidbits

Where To Start – Living History Reenacting

Do you love Civil War history? Clearly you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog! But have you ever wanted to get deeper into the immersion of the era? You can’t lie and say you’ve never been interesting in handling a Springfield rifle or donning a crinoline just for fun. You’ve probably seen or… Continue reading Where To Start – Living History Reenacting