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“Such a Woman,” Biography of Octavia Walton LeVert – Move Over Scarlett!

Few other Southern Belles can measure up to the writer and antebellum celebrity Octavia Walton LeVert. In Such a Woman: The Life of Madame Octavia Walton LeVert, Paula Lenor Webb takes a semi-narrative approach to telling Octavia’s story, beginning with her grandfather’s prominence as one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, to her… Continue reading “Such a Woman,” Biography of Octavia Walton LeVert – Move Over Scarlett!

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Civil War Times and “Beast Butler”

I’m going to divert this week just a little and toot my own horn for a second. If you subscribe to Civil War Times – and you should if you don’t – and you turn to the review section toward the end of the December 2021 issue, you’ll find a narrow column that yours truly… Continue reading Civil War Times and “Beast Butler”

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Debunking Antebellum Architectural Myths

I was recently allowed to borrow a recommended book from a friend. She thought I would enjoy it, given my interest in antebellum architecture. I’ve visited so many historic homes throughout the south that, after a while, the stories told by the docents and tour guides become somewhat repetitive. Others have ben conflicting and contradictory… Continue reading Debunking Antebellum Architectural Myths

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Book Review – Gabriel, A Novel of the American Civil War

Recently, I had to fortunate privilege of acquiring and reading a book that I might not have normally picked up in a bookstore. Usually if I take a chance on historical fiction – especially Civil War historical fiction – I pick a book that follows a character that I know I’ll become attached to. I… Continue reading Book Review – Gabriel, A Novel of the American Civil War

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Book Review – The Secrets of Mary Bowser

The novel, The Secrets of Mary Bowser, while not historically accurate on many accounts, is a thrilling and incendiary (in a good way) story of a black woman Union spy in Richmond, Virginia. This book has it all and then some, when it comes to highlighting the racial prejudices and injustices that the black populations… Continue reading Book Review – The Secrets of Mary Bowser

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A Review of “Eternity Between Us” by Stephenia McGee

“Eternity Between Us” by Stephania McGee isn’t just a romantic tale set in the first year of the Civil War, it’s an outstanding story of adventure and intrigue, steeped in historical influences. Evelyn Mapleton, a strong supporter of the southern cause, finds herself torn between two worlds. Her father, a newspaperman, has been absent from… Continue reading A Review of “Eternity Between Us” by Stephenia McGee

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Wedded to War – Book Review

Writing historical fiction without making the narrative sound like a textbook is hard enough, but merging the lives of so many characters from vastly different backgrounds and situations into one cohesive, engaging story seems nearly impossible! Jocelyn Green has done the impossible! As a lover of good fiction and historian of the Civil War, I… Continue reading Wedded to War – Book Review