About the Traveler

LV Shoot 4

Howdy! My name’s Sheritta Bitikofer, your Civil War Traveler and Blogger.
My passion for the Civil War began in school when my history teacher brought a copy of “The Unknown Civil War by Webb Garrison” to class. He read aloud one fascinating story after another and I was hooked. I even asked if I could take the book home and read more.

Over the years, my interest in the 19th century ebbed and flowed, but never completely dropped off my radar. In fact, my interest in the Civil War inspired my interest in history in general. I’m not only a member of my local Civil War Round Table, but a registered member of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), a non-profit organization that focuses on educating the public about the medieval era.

In 2015, I combined two of my passions and began writing historical fiction. I worked my way through the centuries (starting in ancient Rome and finishing in the Roaring 20s) and when it came time to write a story set during the Civil War, I poured myself into the study again. My character, a private in the 7th Georgia Infantry, came to life as I read about his regiment and the battles he would have participated in. The Civil War became something more than just a passing fancy. I began to understand the military aspects of the battles (something I used to glaze over) and became attached to historical figures like Clara Barton, Winfield Scott Hancock, PGT Beauregard, and more.

Hidden marker for the 7th Georgia Infantry at Manassas

I wrote “The Soldier” in the summer of 2018 and released it on the 155th anniversary of the battle at Antietam to commemorate my character’s involvement in the combat. That year, I planned my first trip to Virginia and walked in my soldier’s footsteps across several of the most famous battlefields in the eastern theater. I made my own haversack and loaded it with beef jerky and homemade hardtack to eat on the trails. It was my first overnight journey anywhere by myself, driving all the way from Florida to get my feet on the ground in some real historical territory. I felt empowered, liberated, and inspired beyond words. That’s when I was bit by the travel bug.

As I began to trek across other battlefields and visit more museums, I felt the need to share my experiences with more than just my husband and coworkers (bless their hearts for putting up with me!)

At Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, TN

That’s why I created this blog. I wanted a place to share my thoughts, travels, and studies. It’s my hope that what I post may inspire others or present a new and fresh perspective on Civil War topics as I add my own flavor while presenting the facts. I’ll talk about museums, landmarks, battlefields, and give recommendations for restaurants and coffee shops near these historic places. Between my traveling, I’ll post about everything from the soldier’s experience to iconic civilians to slave narratives in order to give a well-rounded representation of the Civil War.

This is meant to be a modest site from an amateur historian looking to have a voice in a community saturated with experts. I take my research and insights from those who have come before, building on the groundwork they already laid through hard work and dedication. It’s never my intention to be the final authority on any one subject, but a student who is continually learning.