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Roaming the Aisles of Baine’s Books & Coffee

For those who know me, books and coffee are my “thing”. I think the idea of a bookstore inside a coffee shop – or vice versa – is brilliant and a true fantasy of mine. And I’m not talking about the little coffee corner in bookstores like Barnes & Noble. I’m talking about getting a cup of coffee and grabbing a book to read or buy in a cozy, warm, and inviting – non-commercialistic – sort of ambiance. Baine’s Books & Coffee is the kind of place that needs to be a staple in all towns, big and small.

Baine’s Books & Coffee Exterior (author photo, 2019)

Baine’s Books & Coffee began in Appomattox, Virginia in 2004 as a place for both book and coffee lovers to meet, hang out, and immerse themselves in what they love. They’ve since opened two more locations in Scottsville and Amherst, all three locations situated in historic buildings. Their coffee comes from Lexington Coffee Roasters, an award winning company in Virginia, and serve a range of beverages made with fresh and in-house ingredients. The selections are typical of most coffee houses, accompanied by hot and cold varieties. They also offer light meals like wraps, paninis, salads, and baked goods for those who need a little energy while they’re hanging out in the reading section.

Baine’s Books & Coffee Books (author photo, 2019)

The second part of their charm is evident upon walking in. Rows and rows of bookcases greet the casual visitor or regular customer, packed with books of any genre that may be found in bigger bookstores. Most books are used, others new, providing that range of affordability for any guest. If you look close amongst the scattered stacks or shadowed shelves, you might be able to find some rare antiques tucked away on the shelves. Comfy lounge furniture is available to those who find a great read and want to hang out for a spell while enjoying their coffee. There is also a dedicated section to vinyl records for the nostalgic music fan, each LP handpicked and graded for its condition. If you visit on a Thursday evening, you may be able to catch a live musical performance during their open mic night. In addition, pottery in the form of cups, pitchers, bowls, and other clay pieces are for sale, produced by The Cub Creek Foundation, a locally owned and operated ceramic arts studio.  

Baine’s Books & Coffee Interior (author photo, 2019)

We stopped in Baine’s Books & Coffee one morning in 2019 on our way to Richmond, knowing we were in for a treat. We were the only guests at that time of the day, meaning I could openly gush over the books while sipping my bold cup of joe. I found some neat pre-20th century volumes on some obscure topics, but I’m a nut for that old book smell and look. They also had a decent history section with a respectable collection of Civil War texts. I had to let my husband control the wallet or I would have blown our trip budget all in one place. We also sampled some of their baked goods before leaving. Their quiche was tasty and we regretted only ordering one to split between us. Their brownies were surprisingly chunky and enhanced by a chocolate drizzle, an absolute treat. We snagged up a bag of coffee to take home with us and out of the collection we brought back from the trip, it was the first to run out – we loved it that much! Baine’s Books & Coffee is the living, breathing dream for bibliophiles who yearn to combine their love of books and coffee under one roof.

Baine’s Books & Coffee Coffee Bar (author photo, 2019)

Located right off downtown, parking is limited to the street, so be aware of busy hours. Don’t forget to visit the upstairs portion of the store as well, or make a visit to one of their sister stores.

Address: 205 Main Street, Appomattox, VA 24522
Phone: 434-229-8157
Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday (8am – 6pm); Thursday (8am – 8:30am); Saturday (9am – 6pm); Sunday (11am – 5pm)

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