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Take a Pitstop at The Station

The Station, Americus, GA (Best Western in the background)

Twelve miles south of Andersonville National Historic Site sits the town of Americus, Georgia. While its downtown area is a lovely place to stroll and meditate on your visit to the notorious prison camp, I’d also invite you to partake in a cozy restaurant for your dinner plans.

The Station on Lamar Street offers a refined dining experience without tearing apart your wallet. Situated inside two shared storefronts from the 1900s, their display windows are decorative and eye-catching. Inside, the dining guest can expect a warm and dim atmosphere and walls decorated with railroad memorabilia. One of the appeals of Americus – and nearby Andersonville – for the Confederacy was its proximity to the railroad, and The Station plays off the town’s commercial history. For those looking for a bite to eat and a drink, the bar is located in their right dining hall.

Their menu provides limited beef, pork, chicken, and seafood options, but for what they don’t have in quantity, they make up for in quality. Sides range from southern comfort food like potato salad, cheese grits, or French fries, to healthier choices like salads, mixed veggies and mushrooms. All of which will compliment your filet mignon or their signature Station Grouper. Not in the mood for a hefty entrée? Go for one of their sandwiches like the philly cheese steak, turkey panini, or ribeye sandwich. Also be sure to check out the sign on the sidewalk before you walk in to see what specials they have that day. If you have any room in your tummy left for dessert, The Station offers mouthwatering delights like strawberry shortcake, Joni Mae’s Peanut Butter Pie, Alicia’s Apple Pie, and chocolate fudge cake to top off the evening.

Stuffed shrimp at The Station

After trekking across the stockade inside Andersonville prison all day and fighting 100 mph winds (an exaggeration, I know) I was ready to take a seat and unwind at The Station. The chalkboard sign advertised stuffed shrimp that cold November evening and that sounded just perfect. Coupled with their sauteed button mushrooms and mixed vegetables, the meal was filling and satisfying. I was so eager to dig in that I snapped a picture way past the half-way mark. The staff were kind and were respectful of the fact that I was reading while I ate, so they didn’t bother me too often – which I like! The atmosphere, despite the sports games playing on the televisions near the bar, was calming after my long day and I would have liked to stay longer if I didn’t have a long drive back home that evening. A funny side note, their bathroom really gives away that they’re located in Georgia! (see picture below).

Overall, The Station was a great place for a nice sit-down dinner. Those looking for something a little more casual might want to check out Fish House or Granny’s Kitchen. Parking along Lamar Street is free, but can get a little crowded at peak times so try to come early.

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 5pm-9pm
Address: 222 W Lamar St, Americus, GA 31709
Phone: 229-931-5398
For other info or news about their specials, check out their Facebook page!

Inside the lady’s bathroom at The Station

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