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A Trip To Andersonville

Back in November, I had the opportunity to take a flying trip to Andersonville National Historic Site near Americus, Georgia for their annual Civil War Day. This wasn’t my first trip to the infamous prison camp, but I couldn’t resist the chance to see the NPS rangers and other historical reenactors recreating the stockade scene, representing both Federal and Confederate soldiers, as well as women and other civilians. On top of that, Dr. Damian Shiels came all the way from Ireland to talk about his Irish at Andersonville project, and after following his blog for a couple of years, I wasn’t about to miss out on the chance to meet and interview him. My trip doubled (or tripled) as an opportunity to shoot some videos for Emerging Civil War, as well as the Central Louisiana Civil War Roundtable Facebook page. Below are two of the final videos shared through ECW about my trip. The first is my interview with Dr. Shiels, which was half on site and half through Zoom (my camera died during the discussion). Hope you enjoy!

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