Some Exciting Announcements!

A couple of announcements!

This month marks the end of 4 school sessions at American Public University. Each session is two months long, and in that time I’ve passed 6 classes. Some of the preliminary courses are officially out of the way and I’ll be beginning more “fun” topics within the coming year. I made the decision to return to my bachelor’s degree a year ago and it’s been a huge learning experience. I’ve had very lax teachers who aren’t all that concerned with citations as long as the core of the assignment is correct, and I’ve had other teachers (like in my French Enlightenment class) that want every single piece of information cited. It’s been tough to learn each teacher’s expectations, but the learning is still enjoyable and I’m proud to say that I’ve maintained a 4.0 GPA so far.

In non-academic news (which is probably my biggest of the year), I’ve been officially admitted as a regular contributing team member of the Emerging Civil War blog. I’ve been a fan of their blog and historians for a while now and beginning in October of last year, submitted a few guest posts that were well received. I got the invitation to join last month and it was made official a couple of weeks ago. I’ll be posting as usual on my blog, but I encourage everyone to take a look at their page and subscribe (if you don’t follow them already) for a lot of great an insightful content from an amazing team of historians. You can visit them here: https://www.emergingcivilwar.com

May be an image of text that says 'CWRT of Central Louisiana AKA CWRTs International WE BRING THE WORLD'S HISTORIANS ΤΟ YOUR DOORSTEP!'

Also, I’ve begun a monthly “on-location” live presentation series on Facebook with the Civil War Round Table of Central Louisiana. Each month, I’ll be visiting a new Civil War site – ideally in Florida, but that could vary – and I’ll hop onto their page to show viewers around the site and explain what happened there. So far, you can go on their Facebook page and see two previous videos, one from Camp Walton in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and the other at the Natural Bridge Battlefield State Park, also in Florida. In the month of August, I’ll likely be going live from somewhere outside of Florida, which brings me to my next announcement.

Beginning next week, I’ll be traveling in a big circuit to Virginia and back, hitting battlefields and museums along the way for almost three weeks. I’m incredibly excited for the trip, but this means I’ll be silent on the blog for a few weeks. Posts will resume as soon as I return. On the bright side, I’ll have even more to share!

Until then, keep marching!


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