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The Coffee Mill – Eating Inside Harper’s Ferry

Just down the road from Harper’s Ferry National Park, there’s no lack of eatery places one can stop in to grab a quick bite to eat during their tour through the historic village. The Coffee Mill is one example.

Coffee Mill, Harper’s Ferry, WV (author photo, Aug 2019)

There’s not much information available about The Coffee Mil, as far as history or even a website, but this small, little-known restaurant makes up for that in its food. It’s an excellent place to grab a quick bite along Potomac Street next to A La Mode Cafe and just a short walk from the original site of John Brown’s Fort. It can also be accessed through their courtyard down a set of stairs behind the establishment, via “Hog Alley”. Like many of the businesses in Harper’s Ferry, the aesthetic of the place fits well with a historic venue and has likely been around for a hundred years, if not more. Perhaps their name is derived from an actual coffee mill that used to operate in that building. This is simply my guess.

Interior of Coffee Mill (author photo, Aug 2019)

Their sign advertises hamburgers, frozen custards, and cold drinks, but one can also find coffee if you need a little “pick-me-up” during your visit, as well as other sandwiches and pub fare like chicken tenders or fried fish and fries. They also advertise baked goods like cinnamon buns, scones, cookies, and fudge. Ice cream is also nice to have on a hot summer day while in Historic Harper’s Ferry, and The Coffee Mill provides that in a myriad of different flavors. They sell other items to-go such as ground coffee, pastries, and souvenirs. No, they do not have frozen custard. The sign is outdated.

When we visited, I had been suffering with a slight headache and needed something to boost my blood sugar. Their bacon cheeseburger hit the spot. Filling and genuine, like the patties were pressed right there in the kitchen. The fries, though typical of most restaurants, was a satisfying comfort food that day. While I settled for a regular soda, my husband wanted to give their raspberry tea a try. When he offered me a sip, I was blown away by the intense flavor. I told him it was “so extra” and I had the pleasure of educating him on that bit of slang. We ate inside only because it was a bit drizzly outside, making their patio impractical. However, on a cool spring or autumn day, the outdoor patio would be a lovely eating spot. In general, I have no complaints about this restaurant and had a great experience. And yes, my headache eventually went away.

My apologies for the after-ate photo. I was hungry (author photo, Aug 2019)

Due to Covid and its location inside the historic park, please call ahead to inquire about hours and availability for dining-in.

As of writing this post, their hours are: Everyday, 10am-9:45pm

Address: 101 Potomac St, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

Phone: 304-535-1257

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