Battles in the East

Spotsylvania Recap (Links)

As the month nears its close, so does this series on the Battle of Spotsylvania. Here are a list of the posts that comprised the series, in case you missed any.

Todd’s Tavern
Laurel Hill
A Soldier at Laurel Hill
“Infernal Engines of War” – Spotsy May 9th
“Sheer Madness” – Spotsy, May 10th
“More Than Human Flesh Could Stand” – Spotsy May 11th – 12th(part)
“Saturnalia of Blood” – May 12th, Bloody Angle
The Humor in Hell – Humor at the Bloody Angle
The Final Week of Bloodshed – Conclusion to Spotsy
Cavalry Face-Off, Sheridan vs. Stuart at Yellow Tavern
Visiting the Spotsylvania Battlefield
Preserving Myers Hill (ECW video)
A Moment to Prove Themselves – USCT at Spotsy

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