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Preserving Myers Hill – ECW Video

Okay, I share a LOT of Emerging Civil War content, and the reason is because I can’t recommend their blog or their author enough! Everyone on the ECW team are amazing, knowledgeable, and passionate about what they do. Because many of the members live in Virginia, they have the great opportunity to visit and help preserve the battlefields of the eastern theater, like Spotsylvania!

One organization they partner with is the Central Virginia Battlefield Trust, which strives to save land that was fought over during the Civil War. They’re very similar to the American Battlefield Trust, but their focus is more centered on a select group of battlefields, as opposed to EVERY battlefield.

Below is a video where Chris Mackowski (co-founder of ECW), Terry Rensel (president of CVBT), and Sarah Bierl (member of both organizations) talk about the action at Myers Hill during the Spotsylvania battle in May of 1864, and the efforts to preserve that land for educational purposes.

For more about Myers Hill and the CVBT, visit:

3 thoughts on “Preserving Myers Hill – ECW Video”

  1. Didn’t Ryan Homes Build south corner of Myers Hill? If not it’s very close. Maybe a dumb question but did Central Virginia Battlefield Trust secure the important piece of property?


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