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Wilderness Recap (Links)

It occurred to me that I wrote a LOT of posts about the Wilderness in this last blog series and they were a bit scattered between non-Wilderness posts. So, for the convenience of future readers, here are the links to each of these posts so you’ll be able to find them in some reasonable order.


Into the Wilderness (Intro)
“A Battle of Invisibles” – Saunder’s Field, May 5th 1864
“Death Held High Carnival” – Widow Tapp Field, May 5th 1864
Savage in its Character – Early May 6th, 1864
“Lee to the Rear!” Longstreet’s Rescue in the Wilderness, May 6th 1864
Longstreet’s Wounding
“Hell Itself” – Wilderness Conclusion, May 6th 1864

Other Topics

Visiting the Wilderness
Color Troops in the Wilderness
Ellwood Manor – Connections in the Wilderness
A Missing Soldier in the Wilderness – Wilber Hurlbut
A Spiritual Wilderness
Drama and Scandal in the Wilderness – Phenie Tapp’s Story
Song of the Wilderness
A Prisoner of the Wilderness – Laforest Hinton
36th Massachusetts in the Wilderness – Francis Knowles
A Union Sympathizer in the Wilderness – Katherine Couse
Nurse of the Wilderness – Hill, Hancock, and Barlow

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