Traveling Tidbits

100 Posts!

Overlooking the Shenandoah River

Well, we did it! 100 posts! And it only took about a year and some change to do it. I’m extremely grateful to those who have supported me in this endeavor to share my journey and knowledge. What I’ve presented on the blog is just a fraction of all the wonderful, history-rich places I’ve been to over the last few years.

If you’ve just joined me on the march, welcome to the ranks! If you’re a seasoned soldier with me, thank you so much for your support in the campaign. Here’s a taste of what y’all can expect from “Belle” in the months (and years) to follow:

More Virginia Battlefields (The rest of the Overland Campaign, Seven Day’s Battle, Winchester, Petersburg, Appomattox, Richmond, etc.)

Louisiana Locations (Plantation homes, Port Hudson, Camp Moore, New Orleans museums, etc.)

Tennessee Adventures (Stones River, Chattanooga, and more mansions)

Maryland Missions (Antietam, Frederick museums, Monacacy)

Georgia Trips (Andersonville, Atlanta Campaign, Savannah forts)

Mississippi Places (Vicksburg, Jefferson Davis’ Beauvoir)

The Carolinas (Fort Sumter, Bentonville, Averasboro, Greensboro, etc.)

And MANY more!

If there’s a location you want to learn about, a battlefield you want pictures from, or any other suggestions for traveling locations, feel free to drop me a line in the comments or through the submission form (in the navigation bar above) so I can put it on my itinerary! If you want me to do a blog post about something general about the war (soldier experience, civilian life, slave narratives, etc.) let me hear from you! If I don’t already know about these places or topics, I love research so I don’t mind digging in to find the answers for you.

Again, thank you all and I hope to see you on the battlefield one day!

– Sheritta Bitikofer

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