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White Haven – U.S. Grant’s Home in Illinois

Since we’re about to talk about how one of the most famous Civil War Union generals completely upended the eastern theater in 1864, I thought it’d be prudent to share a live video broadcast from earlier in March. In light of the Corona virus, many national parks and museums made efforts to bring history education to those stuck in isolation (quarantine/social distancing). The Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site were among them.

This hour-long video tour takes you directly into White Haven, the childhood home of Grant’s wife, Julia Dent Grant. It would later become Ulysses’ and Julia’s home where they raised their five children. What used to be a 850 acre plantation is now a 10 acre historic site including the lovely Paris green home and a few outbuildings. Something covered in this video, but is NOT available in a on-site tour, is a peak into the upstairs and attic space of White Haven. The park rangers are dedicated to telling a well-rounded story about the property, the family, and Grant’s time at White Haven. While this is a great, comprehensive tour of the home, there are still many parts of the park that isn’t covered so don’t strike this must-see park off your list just yet!


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