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Standing at the Crossroads

While I have not been privileged in exploring every aspect of the Chancellorsville battlefield (just the visitor center so far) some wonderful historians have and aren’t shy about sharing their knowledge. I follow one such historian on the Emerging Civil War Blog, Chris Mackowski. Below are some brief videos shot and uploaded in May of 2019 at Chancellorsville. Check out more from the Emerging Civil War Blog (a wonderful resource for new scholarship in the Civil War).

May 1st – Part 1

May 1st – Part 2

May 1st – Part 3

May 2nd – Part 1

May 2nd – Part 2

2 thoughts on “Standing at the Crossroads”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I love Professor Mackowski’s posts and the emerging Civil War blog. He is a charismatic and highly effective battlefield interpreter. I was once lucky enough to meet him at Spotsylvania, where he not only told me where exactly to find the farm road where Emory Upton’s men began their May 10th assault on Confederate lines, but also signed his book, which I happened to be using and had ready in my front seat. He is a very nice man, as friendly and humble as he appears in his videos.


    1. I absolutely agree! I had the pleasure of meeting him at the 2019 ECW Symposium at Stevenson Ridge and he signed a few books for me as well. He’s a great authority on the Overland Campaign and the other central Virginia battlefields.

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