Civil War Living History, Portraits of Privates

Civil War Photo Sleuth

I wanted to share about an amazing new organization called Civil War Photo Sleuth. They’re mission is to bridge the gaps between families and soldiers, attaching names with faces that have been all but lost to time. There are tons of photos of Civil War soldiers out there in the form of tintypes and period photos, as well as those taken by Matthew Brady and other ground-breaking photographers. The thing is, they rarely put captions on the frames or back of the photos. Sometimes, you just couldn’t. So we have pictures of soldiers with unknown identities. Civil War Photo Sleuth is working tirelessly to give them that identity back. Here’s more about their mission.


Do you have a photo of a soldier? Do you know their name? Do you want to find out? Visit Civil War Photo Sleuth and do some detective work for yourself!

Civil War Photo Sleuth

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