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A Trip To Andersonville

Back in November, I had the opportunity to take a flying trip to Andersonville National Historic Site near Americus, Georgia for their annual Civil War Day. This wasn't my first trip to the infamous prison camp, but I couldn't resist the chance to see the NPS rangers and other historical reenactors recreating the stockade scene,… Continue reading A Trip To Andersonville

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“Such a Woman,” Biography of Octavia Walton LeVert – Move Over Scarlett!

Few other Southern Belles can measure up to the writer and antebellum celebrity Octavia Walton LeVert. In Such a Woman: The Life of Madame Octavia Walton LeVert, Paula Lenor Webb takes a semi-narrative approach to telling Octavia’s story, beginning with her grandfather’s prominence as one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, to her… Continue reading “Such a Woman,” Biography of Octavia Walton LeVert – Move Over Scarlett!

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A Year of Blessings and Wishes Ahead

This past year brought immense progress to my professional and academic journey. The first quarter of the year was crazy. Working at an accounting firm during tax season was not fun whatsoever. However, it made me realize where I truly wanted to be. As I was filing taxes six days a week for dozens of… Continue reading A Year of Blessings and Wishes Ahead

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A Very Underwood Christmas

A wonderful aspect of reading a published diary or journal, is the opportunity for comparisons across the months and seasons. While reading Josie Underwood’s Civil War Diary – a must for anyone looking to understand the division that occurred between families and friends during the conflict – I was able to make such comparisons between… Continue reading A Very Underwood Christmas

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Espressos in Old Town Winchester

After or before or WHILE you’re exploring Winchester, run – don’t walk – to Espresso Bar & Café. Located in Old Town Winchester, Espresso Bar & Café is the prime spot to grab a cup of coffee, a tasty pastry, or sit and chill with your traveling companions for an hour or two. Step off… Continue reading Espressos in Old Town Winchester

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Eat Like a Brit at Union Jack in Winchester, VA

Across from the Shenandoah Valley Civil War Museum (which served as a prison during the War and the old Winchester Courthouse) is another semi-historic venue. But this one you can eat in. Union Jack Pub & Restaurant has restored the old Union Bank building in Old Town Winchester (North Loudon Street) to its original 1878… Continue reading Eat Like a Brit at Union Jack in Winchester, VA

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Coffee at Jackson’s Corner, New Market

Looking for a cozy spot for coffee or a light snack in New Market? Look no further than Jackson’s Corner Coffee Roasters & Café. Situated in the historic Strayer House in the heart of historic New Market, Jackson’s Corner offers a modern café experience while sharing a little bit of history at the same time.… Continue reading Coffee at Jackson’s Corner, New Market

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Walking in the Footsteps of the Cadets

Virginia Museum of the Civil War (author photo 2019) While many of the major battlefields of the Civil War have been preserved and interpreted by the National Park Service, a great many are protected by the state in which they preside. New Market Battlefield State Historical Park and the Virginia Museum of the Civil War… Continue reading Walking in the Footsteps of the Cadets

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A True Hometown Southern Kitchen

The town of New Market is well worth the time to explore. Not only are there quaint shops and a few museums to stroll through, but plenty of restaurants to satisfy one’s appetite. Southern Kitchen Restaurant was founded in 1955 and remains family-owned, serving up their wholesome country fixin’s to historic New Market. Open seven… Continue reading A True Hometown Southern Kitchen

Battles in the East

The History Behind “Field of Lost Shoes”

Besides Winchester, one of the most well known Civil War battles to take place in the Shenandoah Valley – thanks to some Hollywood magic – is the battle at New Market on May 15, 1864. And the most famous aspect of the battle is the charge of the Virginia Military Institute cadets across the muddy… Continue reading The History Behind “Field of Lost Shoes”