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Belle Grove Plantation at Cedar Creek

Major Isaac Hite Jr. Belle Grove Plantation, like many homesteads in the south during the Civil War, witnessed the horrors and devastation of battle. On the morning of October 19, 1864, the home would play a part in a drama that unfolded for a wounded general. In 1783, Major Isaac Hite Jr - grandson of… Continue reading Belle Grove Plantation at Cedar Creek

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Debunking Antebellum Architectural Myths

I was recently allowed to borrow a recommended book from a friend. She thought I would enjoy it, given my interest in antebellum architecture. I’ve visited so many historic homes throughout the south that, after a while, the stories told by the docents and tour guides become somewhat repetitive. Others have ben conflicting and contradictory… Continue reading Debunking Antebellum Architectural Myths

Battles in the East

Surprises and Counterattacks – Cedar Creek, October 19, 1861

I typically try to provide short, easy to digest battle blog posts regarding the places I've visited. The last few weeks, however, have been packed with deadlines and personal life adjustments. As a result, I'll be providing a great video that summarizes the activity at Cedar Creek instead of a written summary. This comes from… Continue reading Surprises and Counterattacks – Cedar Creek, October 19, 1861

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BBQ at Cedar Creek – Shaffer’s

Shaffer's BBQ and Market isn't much to look at from the outside, but a colleague promised that looks are deceiving, and that I should give them a try. The infamy of Shaffer’s dates back to the 1950s and 60s when the current owner’s grandfather (John) toured Virginia with his original food trailer, The Chicken Palace,… Continue reading BBQ at Cedar Creek – Shaffer’s

Historical Homes

Hurricane Ida vs. Louisiana Plantations

The south is known for its destructive hurricanes. Few have to be reminded that Louisiana seems to suffer the worst of them. The most recent was Hurricane Ida, a category 4 hurricane that made landfall on August 30, 2021, unleashed 172 mph winds upon southeast Louisiana and caused an overall $95 billion in damage. As… Continue reading Hurricane Ida vs. Louisiana Plantations

Book Reviews

Book Review – Gabriel, A Novel of the American Civil War

Recently, I had to fortunate privilege of acquiring and reading a book that I might not have normally picked up in a bookstore. Usually if I take a chance on historical fiction – especially Civil War historical fiction – I pick a book that follows a character that I know I’ll become attached to. I… Continue reading Book Review – Gabriel, A Novel of the American Civil War

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Nancy’s Coffee – A Strasburg Community Star

While you’re in the vicinity of Fisher’s Hill, take some time to stroll through Strasburg. The downtown historic district has much to offer with little shops and restaurants, as well as the Strasburg Museum housed in an old railroad depot along East King Street. One establishment you’ll want to stop in, is Nancy’s Coffee. This… Continue reading Nancy’s Coffee – A Strasburg Community Star

Battles in the East

“Thunderstruck” at Fisher’s Hill – September 22, 1864

Following his defeat at Winchester on September 19, 1864, Confederate General Jubal Early led his army south through the Shenandoah Valley, looking desperately for a new defensive position upon which to hold his ground against the Federals and their commander, Phillip Sheridan. He found a piece of high ground called Fisher’s Hill between Massanutten Mountain… Continue reading “Thunderstruck” at Fisher’s Hill – September 22, 1864

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Piccadilly’s in Winchester

Winchester is not lacking in excellent dining venues, which can make it hard to pick a place for lunch or dinner after a day of touring historic sites. I wish I could say that I’ve been to every restaurant, pub, and casual eatery in the city and can direct you to the absolutely perfect place… Continue reading Piccadilly’s in Winchester

Battles in the East

“Disasters Commenced” – Battle of Third Winchester, September 19th, 1864

1864 was a productive and effective year in the Civil War. With Ulysses S. Grant at the helm, the Union armies in all theaters of the war had made progress in tightening the noose around the Confederacy. The branches of Grant’s ultimate plan included his Overland Campaign against Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia,… Continue reading “Disasters Commenced” – Battle of Third Winchester, September 19th, 1864